• 25+ years experience analyzing business and market data in technology industries, including more than 15 years solely devoted to the telecommunications industry
• 8 1/2 years working in revenue analysis, pricing/tariffing, and business planning for rural ILECs
• development, organization, and implementation of multiple, simultaneous projects

• qualitative and quantitative strategic analysis
• establish rapport and maintain relationships with clients
• write for management and technical audiences
• experience rapidly learning and analyzing new subject matter
• present externally to large industry audiences and internally to board members

Computer Proficiencies
• extensive experience developing large, detailed, flexible analytical spreadsheets
• broad-based, quickly adaptable computer skills
• Internet information search expertise
• 20+ years Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)
• 6+ years WordPerfect, QuattroPro
• exposure to other programs; quick learning curve


, International Planning & Research, Maynard, MA. September 2007 to February 2019.

In this market intelligence/competitive intelligence role, as both a member and leader of analytical teams, I utilized off-the shelf and proprietary analytic and modeling tools, plus research and judgment, to segment and forecast markets.


I built and utilized forecast models that combined a variety of factors, including global and local economics, demographics, product life-cycles, aging patterns of installed base, impact from competing products, and unique product-specific measurements (e.g., climate variance, immigration policy, product refresh cycles).


I also built and operated models that combined other analysts work into a cohesive dataset for internal analysis and external client delivery. Combined with judgment and market and industry knowledge, the end deliverable was a model that included market sizing and forecasts, plus analysis that provided actionable insights to IPR’s global multinational clients.


Some areas I analyzed included servers and other IT hardware, supply chain management and logistics outsourcing, air conditioning systems, the e-payment industry, global population migration and remittances (among 213 countries), and IT market-wide geographic deep-dive coverage of several countries.


Received IPR’s High Flier Award for redesigning a delivery-day methodology, cutting run-time of the bottleneck process from more than 2 hours to less than 30 minutes, providing flexibility during time-sensitive deliveries. More recently, redesigned a bottleneck process in a different project, cutting bottleneck process turnaround time from 2-6 hours to 10-15 minutes.


Attended technology industry conferences on behalf of IPR, sharing informational learned with the team and initiating contact with potential future clients. Market segments covered by conferences I attended, for which I maintained enough high-level knowledge to learn from the events, included enterprise hardware and software, artificial intelligence, embedded systems/Internet of things, and marketing technology, plus smaller events in the tech startup and data center markets.


Lent my general MBA business and marketing skills to IPR business planning and decision-making teams.


Served as Line Manager of two junior-level consultants. Served as mentor as part of IPR’s mentor program.


Advanced from Consultant to Senior Consultant to Principal Consultant at IPR.

DIRECTOR OF INDUSTRY ANALYSIS, New Paradigm Resources Group, Chicago, IL/Houston, TX. October 2005 to August 2007.

Analyzed telecommunications markets for market analysis reports. Provided in-depth analysis of current market situations and insight into the direction and future of the market. Completed major reports covering, analyzing, and forecasting future market size and trends for fixed wireless carriers (with spectrum above 10 GHz), for cable broadband and telephony providers, and for competitive local telecom carriers.

Introduced NPRG to new markets and sustained visibility in existing markets. Positioned NPRG as a market leader covering the fixed wireless carrier market, a market in which NPRG had no prior visibility.

Wrote industry perspective articles discussing and analyzing the impact of recent events and/or industry trends to help clients with long-term and short-term planning. Penned NPRG newsletter articles analyzing market situations (as in "The Triple Triple Play: Examining the Misleading 'Quadruple Play' Terminology"), explaining new technologies ("As Cellular Backhaul Outgrows Copper's Capabilities... It's Bonded Copper to the Rescue"), and reviewing events ("GlobalComm Overview: A Look Back at GlobalComm 2006").

Maintained broad telecommunications industry knowledge by speaking frequently with industry executives and attending telecom conferences.

As leader of Industry Analysis Group, led a team of four direct reports.

Advanced from Analyst to Lead Analyst to Director of Industry Analysis.

SENIOR ECONOMIC ANALYST, CenturyTel, Monroe, LA. September 2003 to October 2005.

Performed economic and business analysis. Completed job requirements as needed to help advance company performance.

Prepared pricing and cost support for projects ranging from a few thousand to millions of dollars. Determined and support individual case basis pricing and generally-available tariffed rates. Worked closely with marketing department to meet customer needs while acting as a counterbalance to ensure profitability. Prepared analytical support and participated in committees for major internal business decision-making projects.

Participated in industry forums with representatives of other telephone companies discussing and analyzing industry issues to support potentially industry-changing legislative action.

Helped facilitate movement of economic analysis department from west coast to Monroe; no west coast employees relocated.

Oversaw two direct reports.

CONSULTANT, Geoff Wilbur Consulting, Johnston, RI. November 2002 to August 2003.

Researched and analyzed telecommunications markets. Bid on projects to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis and to perform market research and analysis that would result in reports and presentations. Worked individually and cooperatively with other research firms.

Tracked telecommunications markets including fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), CLECs (competitive local exchange carriers), ILECs (incumbent local exchange carriers), and Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity; fixed wireless).

INDUSTRY ANALYST, KMI Research, Newport/Providence, RI. September 1998 to November 2002.

Analyzed fiberoptic and telecommunications markets for reports and presentations. Acted as primary client contact for single-client reports and created research methodology for multi-client reports.

Designed and implemented KMI’s largest e-mail survey during a utility research project in late 2001. In early 2002, designed and oversaw KMI’s first web-based survey of fiber deployment by carriers worldwide.

Researched and wrote multi-client (publicly available) reports on the U.S. fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and fiber-to-the-curb (FTTC) market (deployment forecasts, technology overview, and impact on the fiber market); and CLECs in the United States and Canada (company overviews and market forecasts). Other topics researched include fiber deployment and telecommunications entry by utilities; dark fiber, high-capacity services, and rights-of-way trends in local markets; fiber deployment and fiber and cable production in Brazil and the U.S.; an overview of the remote fiber test systems market; and fiberoptic cable deployment methods.

Quoted in more than a dozen articles in publications including Communications Engineering & Design, Telephony, Business to Business, Lightwave, Light Reading, Xchange Magazine,, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and by the Associated Press.

DIRECTOR OF COST ANALYSIS, Michigan Exchange Carriers Association, Lansing, MI. March 1992 to September 1998.

As Cost Analyst and at all subsequent positions, administered monthly disbursements for $75 million annual intrastate long distance access pool. Analyzed monthly reporting and pool trends. Forecasted revenues for internal and external purposes. Gathered and disseminated information between the association and its 35 member companies. Participated on committees and in Board Meetings. Worked individually and in groups to prepare reports, case filings, and support data for the Michigan Public Service Commission.

As Senior Cost Analyst, took lead role in higher level projects, often organizing the activities of consultants and managers of member companies. Helped develop plans for spin-off competitive telecom operation.  Developed $30 million transition plan for continued funding from long-distance carriers to compensate for unintended consequences of state mirrored rates following an interstate rate restructuring.

As Director of Cost Analysis, supervised basic data gathering and entry to increase percentage of time dedicated to more difficult projects. Developed formulas and reasoning for intrastate universal service proposal.

FINANCIAL ANALYST and COMPUTER PROGRAMMER, Stokes & Company, Investment Counsel, Grand Rapids, MI. June to August 1990, September 1991 to February 1992, special project June 1993.

Balanced clients' accounts totaling over $14 million. Designed client accounting system using new software package. Tailored financial management software to suit the company's unique needs. Rewrote quarterly billing program. Integrated "model portfolios" into investment program. In July 1993, returned on weekends to update programs to work with a software upgrade.


from Boston University, May 1991. 3.51 GPA on 4.00 scale. Coursework emphasized finance/economics.

Coursework included: Financial Management; Corporate Finance; Corporate Financial Reporting; Investments; Managerial Economics; Competitive Decision Making; Quantitative Methods; Accounting; International Business Management; Advertising Management.

Served as a Teaching Assistant for the MBA Statistics Department (1990-91) and as a statistics and economics Tutor for the Boston University Athletic Department (1989-91)

B.A. in Telecommunications with high honors from Michigan State University, June 1989. 3.76 GPA on a 4.00 scale, highest in department. (3.88 in my major. 3.86 in business-related courses.) Coursework outside telecommunications emphasized finance and business.

Coursework included: Economics; Analysis of Labor Markets; Money, Credit and Banking; Statistics; Investment and Securities Markets; Marketing; Promotion and Publicity; Cable TV; Telecommunications Management.

Served as math, statistics, economics, and English Tutor for the Michigan State University Athletic Department (1987-89).


• Publish telecom and tech industry blog in my spare time (since April 2014)
• Published quarterly music industry newsletters (1993-2003) and a music blog (since October 2015) in my spare time
• MBA Scholarship at Boston University
• At MSU: National Merit Scholar, 4-year Member of Honors College, 2-year active member of MSU Telecasters
• GMAT test score of 770
• Completed USTA Cost Separations Course, September 1994

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