Geoff Wilburís

Renegade Newsletter

(published 1993-2002; on hiatus since 2003)



Effective December 2010,

we no longer have an official mailing address.


Mail to the old addresses is not being forwarded!

Through the years, GWRN has been headquartered in East Lansing, MI; Newport, RI; Johnston, RI; Monroe, LA; Houston, TX; and a different P.O. Box in Hudson, MA.

We no longer receive mail at any of those addresses, though I do have a new P.O. Box in Hudson for Geoff Wilburís Music Blog.


Geoff Wilburís Renegade Newsletter Online Edition (1995-2003)


Monthly Update Mailing List

We no longer have a mailing list for Geoff Wilburís Renegade Newsletter, but we did convert the mailing list to use with Geoff Wilburís Music Blog.

If youíd like a monthly update of whatís happening at Geoff Wilburís Music Blog, click here.


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List of Bands Covered in Geoff Wilburís Renegade Newsletter

First Ten Issues (July 1993 through August 1994)

Issues 11 through 20 (September 1994 through June 1995)

Issues 21 through 30 (July 1995 through March 1996)

Issues 31 through 40 (April 1996 through December 1996)

(Watch this space for issues 41 through 98)


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